The host of the TV program "GALILEO" compares the quality of ProDeck products with cheaper counterparts in the laboratory.

See Paweł Orleański's test

Composite Terraces.


Ease of maintenance.

ProDeck composite boards are easy to maintain: they do not require painting, impregnation or maintenance. To maintain their qualities, it is enough to wash them with water and a mild cleaning agent

Quality for years.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, we deliver a durable and naturally beautiful product. It is characterized by high resistance to high and low temperatures, moisture, UV rays and mold.

Aesthetics and functionality.

ProDeck terrace boards are available in a wide range of colors that allow you to create a harmonious and visually coherent space, tailored to the client's preferences and the immediate surroundings of the house. Depending on the system, it is possible to order boards with different patterns. Additionally, we offer the possibility of ordering boards of individual length.

System solutions.

The ProDeck terrace system is modular: it includes terrace boards, composite and aluminum joists, stainless steel clips and several proposals for finishing accessories, such as masking strips, angular strips and board plugs. All the necessary elements of the terrace allow for efficient and effective assembly.

Created consciously.

Made of carefully selected PVC

PEFC certified (wood from state forests)

Top quality wood.

CA and ZN based stabilizers, lead and mercury free.

Non-flammable, fire classification B.

UVA and UVB filters.

Ecological product.

Non-slip surface.

The highest resistance to weather conditions.

Excellent technical parameters.


Cheaper counterparts

  • 45% durable and certified PVC
  • 45% wood fibers
  • biocides to protect boards against mold and moss
  • after cutting, visible content of a uniform composite (raw material)
  • PP, HDPE or low PVC content (less than 40%)
  • up to 60% of ingredients of unknown origin
  • after cutting, visible layers of lower quality raw material
impact strength
  • less abrasion of the board surface - density equal to 1.4 g / cm3
  • 2x higher resistance to mechanical impacts
  • sensitive to impacts and splinters
  • low surface resistance to abrasion (density 0.96g / cm3)
  • load up to 700 kg and 600 kg after 5 years of use
  • fire resistant product - the highest resistance class
  • approved for development projects
  • load up to 300 kg and 200 kg after 5 years of use
  • no EU approvals

Polish product.

The choice for a longer time.

Up to 25-year guarantee against rotting and rot

High and low temperature resistance

High abrasion resistance    


Even more durable

  •  Resistant to weather conditions and rot

  • Biocides - protection against mold and moss

  • High pressure resistance

For your comfort

The possibility of making the product to size

It does not require painting and impregnation

Two utility pages

Quick montage

Available in five colors.

Professional manufacturing technology

ProDeck composite systems are manufactured with
top quality materials based on high
European standards.

Controlled quality

Our products are subject to strict controls
of quality and have all the required
certificates and permits.

Whatever you want

Pick the best for yourself

You don't know exactly how many boards you need?

Draw your terrace and calculate the necessary number of boards and accessories for the assembly of your terrace.

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