Spring flowers on the terrace – which to choose?

30 maja 2016

Who wouldn't like to have a beautiful and elegant terrace? We spend our time there with our friends and family, do sport, read books. Nothing fosters our activity better than contact with nature, in particular in the spring when all flowers bloom in abundance. That's why it's recommended to plan, which flowers should be planted in that season.

The spring starts in the autumn

 Get ready for the spring... already in the autumn! Some bulbs should be planted then. They will repay by blooming after the winter. Such bulbs include narcissi, aconites, snowdrops or anemone. Other variants of this type don't have such requirements- e.g. gladioli, hyacinths or daffodils which might be planted in the spring.

 In the period of ground frosts

the weather conditions at the beginning of the spring tend to be changeable. Behind the window there are low temperatures, at night there are ground frosts. What types should we choose in that period? The most recommended are buttercups or hellebores. It's a good choice for the beginning of the season.

 Plant some pansies in the spring as well. They are not only resistant to changeable weather conditions, but will be beautiful on the terrace. We need to keep in mind only one thing - at the beginning it's good to put a flower pot outside only during the day. Then take it back inside - it will make the plant used to changeable weather conditions. After a week the pansies will be hardened enough to stay on the terrace till the autumn.

 Season at its best

 In May think about planting herbs and decorative plants, such as marigolds, sunflowers, nasturia or dahlias. Moreover, from now on daisies and forget-me-nots bloom in a beautiful way, which look great on every terrace. In June we should prick out summer flowers which were planted in May. We may then plant as well sweet pea or mignonette.

To sum up, proper preparation provides us with many advantages. We will see on our terrace the most gorgeous flowers, and some of them will please the eye not only in May or June, but even till early autumn. 

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