Plants on the terrace – what to remember about?

30 maja 2016

How to arrange a terrace in terms of the choice upon plants? We should remember about a few very important issues, as we want our flowers to please the eye as long as possible. That's why, worth considering is not only placing them on the terrace, but as well taking care of them properly.

 Sunlight and shade

 Wrong choice upon the plant might ba unfortunate. Some plants prefer shade. Such plant will fade when exposed to too excessive sunlight. And the other way around - photophilic flowers need to stay for a long time in the sunlight. Take those differences into consideration when choosing place for your plants. It's worth thinking about when we prepare a terrace roof or select a proper awning.


Always consult the shop assistant at the florist's or in a garden shop, what type of plants we have just bought and how we should take care of them. We don't always realise that the choice upon proper soil is really crucial. pH soil should be proper. The majority of terrace plants require neutral soil, conifers - moderately acidic ranging up to pH 5,5-6, and azaleas need acidic soil of pH 4,5-5,5.

 Watering plants at a proper frequency and at a specific time is crucial as well. Watering them early in the morning or in the evening is the best, and not at midday when the sun shines the most. Recent summers were very dry and hot, and the temperatures exceeded present norms. There is no sign that this tendency is going to change, that's why, it's worth selecting such plants which stand droughts well. But it's not everything. Plants need mineral salts as well. We should fertilize them regularly. What is worth knowing? Types with decorative leaves (e.g. ivy) require a special fertilizing liquid. A similar situation is in case of blooming flowers (petunia, geranium).

 Choice of pots

 Let's think about flowers pots. Everyone knows how important they are in terms of terrace appearance - they can provide it with new colours and patterns. They should, however, match the size, shape and flower colours. They should be as well adjusted to the style of our house and garden. We choose frequently large containers for plants, such as boxes on our terraces. Even though they are heavy and difficult to move, they are very attractive. The choice of materials is wide and includes stone, wicker, metal or even plastic. Moreover, pots should match flowers in terms of their size and weight. For instance, ceramics will work well in case of larger plants, whereas smaller flowers look great in fancy flower pots made from high-quality plastic.

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