How to arrange a garden on the terrace?

27 czerwca 2016

A beautiful terrace filled with colourful flowers is a dream of many of us. There is nothing better than relax after a tough day at work in such a pleasant place. A garden on a terrace is not only about flowers, it's as well a possibility to grow herbs or vegetables on your own. When arranging your own garden on a terrace, you should pay attention to some crucial aspects.


When choosing plants, which we would like to place on our terrace, we must get to know, whether they prefer sunlight or shade. Some plants might wither away in the shade, whereas others will fade or change their shape if exposed to too blazing sunlight.

Surface and flower pots

Flower pots and boxes, which we will place our plants in, are crucial. Match them both to the arrangement of your terrace and general style of the house. Even though ceramic pots are gaining on popularity, which will work well in case of large and tall plants, many people still decide to buy inexpensive and comfortable plastic pots. Taking low aesthetic values of this solution into consideration, these pots are frequently placed in pretty covers made out of stone, metal, wood or ceramics.

Wicker constructions, old vessels, different types of boxes and cans and even emptied stumps are applied more and more often. Thanks to such solutions, every container might be easily adjusted to even the most demanding terrace arrangement. A particularly crucial issue when choosing flower pots is as well the fact that they should be large enough, so that they could accomodate twice as much soil as the root ball takes right now. Moreover, if you want your plants to stay healthy and beautiful, proper soil rich in numerous nutritional elements is necessary. Ready-made flower pots, depending on the type, might be hung on a rail, placed on a shelf or simply on the floor. 

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