Composite boards – what should we pay attention to?

01 kwietnia 2016

Potential buyers visit the points of sale every day looking for perfect surfaces and solutions for their terraces and balconies. Many companies, tempting customers with a wide range of products and attractive prices, answered such a large interest. But does quality go hand in hand with prices? We suggest what we should pay attention to when buying composite systems and how to avoid pitfalls of seemingly too low prices. Composite boards are produced by combining high-quality wood with artificial material. Get to know upon purchase, which type of materials the product was produced from.

The boards differ not only in terms of content of wooden fibres but as well the type of polymers applied. Knowledge concerning the content of choosen boards is crucial - high quality components guarantee durability and resistance to external factors.

There are as well many products which contain improving ingredients. Thanks to them, composits gain new properties. The products become resistant to mechanical damages and changeable weather conditions, including UV radiation, which might lead to colour fading in case of simple wooden boards. Application of proper foundation for composite boards is of great significance. The most frequently used board in Europe is this one with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which, contrary to PP and HDPE (polypropylene and high-density polyethylene), is characterized by non-flammability, low abrasion and resistance to high and low temperatures.

The way of finishing the board surface is crucial as well. The most popular solutions are brushing and sanding. The first one is particularly recommended in terms of terrace boards, as it prepares the material much better for a long-term usage, gives it anti-slip properties and a unique look. Sanding, however, will work well in case of fences and elevations.

You should always ask the seller about the guarantee. It comprises rot, decay and damages caused by insects. Products from the upper price-segments, if properly used, are covered by a longer guarantee, up to 25 years, whereas standard products - 10 years. Some products are subject to guarantee against mechanical damage. Attention should be paid to atests and certificates issued by accredited laboratories. If absent, it may suggest that some basic safety and quality norms have not been fulfilled.

Some shops offer composite boards, which country of origin is unknown. Although they are cheaper, their durability leaves much to be desired. It is worth to choose companies going only for national production, and thus, be sure that they take care of the product on each production stage, offering at the same time the most attracitve relation: price vs. quality.

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